"My daughter recommends Dr Jan to my family and I listen to her because she is also a physician."
- Dick Lucas, member of the Philadelphia Eagles (tight end) during the World Championship year of 1960.

Philosophy of Care

West Chester Cardiology’s philosophy is to treat each patient as we would treat a member of our own family, personally and clinically.

Prevention is important. Our medical team stresses disease prevention through lifestyle modification and when appropriate with medication. Once disease is established, the treatment and secondary prevention become more complex.

During office visits we will discuss how to prevent cardiovascular disease, as well as recognizing early stages of disease, and will provide intervention when needed. In addition, our physicians volunteer their time to give lectures in the community that will provide detailed information on particular topics that may be of interest to you and your family.

When treatment is necessary, we will follow your medical care. If an invasive procedure is needed, we understand the importance of helping you through rehabilitation to then return to your daily routine and responsibilities. Our medical providers will continue to see you on a routine basis to help manage your cardiovascular medications and life style modifications that will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease progression and future cardiovascular events. We work closely with primary care physicians to provide you with a seamless and unified plan of care.

Our medical providers follow current treatment recommendations by the American College of Cardiology and The American Heart Association when it comes to caring for you and your heart. Because we know how important it is to keep looking to the future for new treatment modalities we stay active in national and international research studies. We believe being involved in research trial gives our patients the best possible care with new medications or knowing if one medications is better than another medication in the same class. Some of the studies we have been involved in are, GUSTO, GUSTO II A & B, GUSTO III, ASSENT II, SYMPHONY, PROVE IT, PREVENT IV, TITAN, ACUITY, IMPROVE IT, TRASCEND-PCI, ARISTOTLE, TRA 2P, ATLAS, RECORDAF & AVERROES. We will evaluate all patient to identify the possibility of a patient participating in one of the ongoing research trials.

Cardiovascular disease is becoming more prevalent, and quality medical care in addition to medical advances will allow you to survive cardiovascular disease.